Tanner L. Barney
Vice President, Underwriting & Product Risk, Progressive Leasing
Gregory G. Bellof
Senior Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Operations
Barbara Bernard
Vice President, Western Operations
James Bickelhaupt
Vice President, Enterprise Systems
David T. Bier
Senior Vice President, Northeastern Operations
Charles Cole
Senior Vice President, Southeast Operations
Kelee Delaney
Vice President, Compliance, Progressive Leasing
Curtis L. Doman
Chief Product Officer, Progressive Leasing
David W. Edwards
Senior Vice President, Northern Operations
Russell S. Falkenstein
Vice President, Corporate Initiatives
Marvin A. Fentress
Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, Progressive Leasing
Brian J. Garner
Vice President, Finance, Progressive Leasing
William Green
Chief Information Officer, Progressive Leasing
Benjamin Hawksworth
Chief Technology Officer, Progressive Leasing
Almir Hadzialjevic
Vice President, Enterprise Risk & Security
Scott L. Harvey
Vice President, Franchising
Kurtis H. Hilton
Vice President, National Accounts, Progressive Leasing
Michael W. Jarnagin
President, Manufacturing
Robert  M. Johns
Vice President, Regional Sales, Progressive Leasing
John  H. Karr
Vice President, Compensation and Benefits
Steve R. Kincanon
Vice President, Sales and Customer Engagement
Michael T. King
Vice President and Chief Corporate Govanance, M&A and Securities Law Counsel
David A. Korn
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
Frank W. Laura
Senior Vice President, Technology Enablement and Portfolio Governance
Frank W. Laura
Chief Information Officer, Progressive Leasing
Larry F. Maher
Vice President, Strategy and New Business Development
Ryan E. Malone
Senior Vice President, Business Transformation
Paige S. Mamula
Vice President, Real Estate and Construction
Douglas Christian Matsumori
Vice President, Products & Integration, Progressive Leasing
Jason M. McFarland
Senior Vice President, Midwest Operations
Justin Miller
Vice President, Customer Retention
Tristan J. Montanero
Senior Vice President, Sales and Business Development
Rob J. O’Connell
Vice President, Retail Operations
Steve Olsen
Senior Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer, Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Michelle Parker
Vice President, Talent & Culture, Progressive Leasing
Ryan Ray
President, Dent-A-Med
Nate Roe
Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Progressive Leasing
Kirby M. Salgado
Vice President, Merchandising
Ted M. Scartz
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
Robert P. Sinclair, Jr. *
Vice President, Corporate Controller
John D. Smith
Chief Operations Officer, Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Trevor Thatcher
Vice President, Operations, Progressive Leasing
John T. Trainor
Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, Digital Products
Elizabeth F. Van Loon
Vice President, Associate Resources
Manjush Varghese
Vice President, Omni-Channel
Cory Voglesonger
Vice President, Technology Strategy & Innovation
Blake W. Wakefield
President and Chief Revenue Officer, Progressive Leasing
Kelly Wall
Vice President, Finance, Investor Relations & Treasury
Tracey L. Whiston
Vice President, Procurement
Jill S. Young
Vice President, Internal Audit
* Officer of the company