• Kim Anderson
    Vice President, Operations, Progressive Leasing

  • Tanner L. Barney
    Sr. Vice President, Risk & Analytics, Progressive Leasing

  • Gregory G. Bellof
    Senior Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Operations

  • Barbara Bernard
    Vice President, Western Operations

  • David T. Bier
    Vice President, Northeast Operations

  • Eric Carlson
    Vice President, Sales, Progressive Leasing

  • Charles Cole
    Senior Vice President, Southeast Operations

  • Stephanie Davis Neill
    Vice President, Store Support

  • Michael P. Dickerson
    Vice President, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, Aaron's Inc.

  • Curtis L. Doman
    Chief Technology Officer, Progressive Leasing

  • Russell S. Falkenstein
    Vice President, Corporate Initiatives, Aaron's, Inc.

  • Brian J. Garner
    Sr. Vice President, Finance & Accounting, Progressive Leasing

  • Marvin A. Fentress
    Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, Progressive Leasing

  • Bill Gentner
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • William Green
    Chief Information Officer, Progressive Leasing

  • Benjamin Hawksworth
    Chief Technology Officer, Progressive Leasing

  • Almir Hadzialjevic
    Vice President, Enterprise Risk & Security

  • Scott L. Harvey
    Vice President, Franchising

  • Kurtis H. Hilton
    Sr. Vice President, Sales, Progressive Leasing

  • Michael W. Jarnagin
    President, Woodhaven Furniture Industries

  • Robert M. Johns
    Vice President, Regional Sales, Progressive Leasing

  • Vicky Johnson
    Vice President, Accounting & Controller, Progressive Leasing

  • Ramesh Kandukuri
    Progressive Leasing

  • John H. Karr
    Vice President, Compensation and Benefits, Aaron's, Inc.

  • Steve R. Kincanon
    Divisional Vice President

  • Todd King
    Vice President and Chief Corporate Govanance, M&A and Securities Law Counsel, Aaron's, Inc.

  • David A. Korn
    Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Aaron's, Inc.

  • Frank W. Laura
    Senior Vice President, Technology Enablement & Portfolio Governance

  • Larry F. Maher
    Vice President, Strategy, Aaron's, Inc.

  • Ryan E. Malone
    Vice President, Business Transformation

  • Douglas Christian Matsumori
    Vice President, Products & Integration, Progressive Leasing

  • Jason M. McFarland
    Senior Vice President, Midwest Operations

  • Justin Miller
    Vice President, Customer Retention

  • Alex Nash
    Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis, Progressive Leasing

  • Rob O’Connell
    Sr. Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Steve Olsen
    Senior Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer, Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership

  • Michelle Parker
    Vice President, Talent & Culture, Progressive Leasing

  • Ryan Ray
    President, Dent-A-Med

  • Travis Robbins
    Vice President, Legal, Progressive Leasing

  • Nate Roe
    Vice President, Wireless, Progressive Leasing

  • Brad Rogers
    Sr. Vice President, Store Development

  • Kirby M. Salgado
    Vice President, Merchandising

  • Ted M. Scartz
    Vice President and Deputy General Counsel

  • Christopher Schotter
    Vice President, North Central Operations

  • Robert P. Sinclair, Jr. *
    Vice President, Corporate Controller, Aaron's, Inc.

  • John D. Smith
    Chief Operations Officer, Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership

  • Stephen Surman
    Vice President, Marketing, Progressive Leasing

  • John T. Trainor
    Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, Omni-Channel

  • Trevor Thatcher
    Sr. Vice President, Operations, Progressive Leasing

  • Manjush Varghese
    Vice President, Omni-Channel

  • Cory Voglesonger
    Vice President, Technology Strategy & Innovation

  • Blake W. Wakefield
    President and Chief Revenue Officer, Progressive Leasing

  • Kelly Wall
    Sr. Vice President, Finance & Treasury, Aaron's, Inc.

  • Tracey L. Whiston
    Vice President, Procurement

  • Jill S. Young
    Vice President, Internal Audit

* Officer of the company